USB Portable Drive: All Sessions
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USB Portable Drive: All Sessions

Price: $250.00
  • Item #: USB-0101
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Save Money, Time and Shipping on CD’s and MP3’s!!

Order our Complete Set as a USB flash drive  for one low price!

Format: USB flash Drive

Included are:

  • Lose Weight Now Session 1: Eating Correctly
  • Lose Weight Now Session 2: Positive Thinking
  • Lose Weight Now Session 3: No More Stored Fat
  • Lose Weight Now Session 4: See Yourself in the Future
  • Stop Smoking Session 1: Breaking the Habit
  • Stop Smoking Session 2: Stop Self Punishment
  • Stop Smoking Session 3: Nicotine is a Poison
  • Stop Smoking Session 4: Done Poisoning Yourself
  • Stop Smoking Session 5: Disassociate Smoking w/Activities
  • Melt Away Stress
  • Ultimate Confidence
  • Better Memory
  • Improve Athletic Performance 
  • Freedom From Drugs
  • Goal Accomplishment
  • Better Concentration
  • Pain Control
  • Power Nap – Energize!
  • Migraine Relief
  • Stop Procrastinating
  • Free from Negativity
  • Excellent Study Habits
  • Free From Alcohol Session 1: Why Do I Drink?
  • Free From Alcohol Session 2: Stop Self Punishment
  • Free From Alcohol Session 3: You Do Have A Choice
  • Free From Alcohol Session 4: Stop Poisoning Yourself
  • Public Speaking w/Confidence
  • Letting Go of Jealousy
  • Control Your Anger
  • Positive Mental Attitude
  • Sleep All Night
  • Passion and Romance
  • Protective Shield Feeling Safe Within
  • Healing your Inner Self

The price for all CDs if you ordered them separately would be $678.30
The price for all MP3s if you ordered them separately woud be $576.30

Order the USB flash Drive and get ALL the sessions for only $250.00!