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Instant Download: Free from Negativity Instant Download: Healing Your Inner Self Instant Download: Melt Away Stress
Instant Download: Free from NegativityInstant Download: Healing Your Inner SelfInstant Download: Melt Away Stress

Learn how to let negativity roll off your back with this effective CD.

Make the Mind/Body connection to improve your health.

Hypnosis is useful inhelping to reduce the stress.

Instant Download: Migraine Relief Instant Download: Pain Control Instant Download: Protective Sheild -Feeling Safe Within
Instant Download: Migraine ReliefInstant Download: Pain ControlInstant Download: Protective Sheild -Feeling Safe Within

Migraines can be one of the most debilitating types of pain to endure

Chronic Pain can be absolutely devastating.

Change your fear response - Change your life!